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Flat-rate unlimited coding and diagnostics for your Mercedes-Benz

What is Coding?

Coding on a Mercedes car involves unlocking and enabling options on specific parts. These settings are accessible only with specialized tools and knowledge. At MyBenzCoder we select different options to enhance performance and unlock features that may have been disabled by the Dealer or unavailable in your region. Rest assured that the customizations we provide are based on original programming by Mercedes engineers and are simply unlocked for you by MyBenzCoder.

Can coding be reversed?

Coding unlocks disabled factory options without any unique customizations that may cause programming issues. You can easily revert back to your regional factory defaults anytime, either through a Mercedes Dealership or us! With MyBenzCoder.com, we provide complete backup files of your current configuration for your safety and security.


  • Choose any* or all of our 50+ options!
  • *Does not include items from “Extras”
  • Includes backups


$49Per Scan
  • We use same system as MB Dealer
  • Perform full diagnostic on control units
  • Includes any DTC or CIL resets


$59Per Session
  • If you have coded with us in the past
  • Add, remove, or change any coding
  • Includes backups


  • Not local to Toronto? No problem!
  • We ship hardware, you keep it
  • Uses your laptop + Internet

Coding – à la carte or unlimited for $429

  • All codings include backups prior to modification
  • All codings are reversible
  • Codings shown are for vehicles 2005 and newer
  • Not all coding may apply to your vehicle – no charge if we can’t do it!
  • Codings may need to be re-applied if a dealer or 3rd party updates a vehicle module
  • Come back anytime to add, remove, or change coding for only $59 per visit
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Switch to passive from active if your car is too aggressive at taking over while you drive


When braking extremely hard rear brake lights will flash, warning other drivers, and then automatically hold on when you come to a stop.


Enables a series of features to deliver telemetry data straight from the car

  • Ambient lights change to signal best time in current laps
  • Acoustic signal indicators for performance feedback
  • Heads up display can show radius of next curve, breaking point, or target lane
  • Measure acceleration within 1/10th of a second over quarter mile
  • Record braking actions
  • Optimize reaction times with signal lights
  • 20 other live features


Displays the classic analog head unit style dials on the center head unit screen that show Horsepower, Torque, Boost, and other information based on your vehicle. Can be turned on or off through the menu.


Adds the Brabus logo on a nice carbon-fiber look background to the startup procedure of the car. Shown when unlocking or starting the vehicle. Can also be selected as part of a package to code the AMG Menus onto the Instrument Cluster as well.


Can automatically hold the brake for you while in traffic until the gas pedal is pressed


Automatically hold the brake for you on a hill


HP to kW or kPa to Bar or PSI


Enable the German version where the car uses the camera to calculate the safe driving distance between you and the car in front of you and warn if braking is insufficient


Increase or decrease power levels assigned to Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3. Increase maximum power for warmer climates for faster cool-down (Stage 3+). Change timings for how fast seats move from stage 3, to 2, to 1. Can be assigned differently for passengers and the driver - perfect if you or your significant other is always hot!


Adding or improving the digital gauge options on your screen - this may include additional styling elements like boost gauges etc depending on your vehicle and its capabilities


Show AMG Styling on the head unit, and includes new AMG animations for menus (If applicable on your digital screen based headunit)


Allow passengers to type into maps and other input boxes when the vehicle is moving


Enable two additional zones, so that you can enjoy the Legs/Window, Legs/Body, and Body/Window modes.

This coding also enables MAX AC mode


Car remembers the last Start/Stop mode it was in when the vehicle is started


Enable an active comfort menu and upload programs in the head unit that contain a combination of carefully timed videos, heat/cool, massage, sound, and ambient light settings all designed by MB to work together to improve mood and comfort while driving


Remove torque limiting on cornering


Adjust VMAX Limitations of the vehicle, perfect for track use, or to restrict maximum speed further for young drivers


Remove Gas Pedal Delay / Change Gas Pedal Characteristics


Enables the use of the rear lamp at full output power to be easily seen during foggy or heavy snow/rain conditions. Improves safety, and prevents rear-end collisions


Enable or Disable for AMG Vehicles to always have a more aggressive, or more subtle sound


Enable originally engineered Mercedes-Benz built-in Sound Design functions and calculations for exhaust - improves custom exhaust systems.


Enable or disable warning if forgotten open, or the sensor is broken


Increase or decrease power levels assigned to Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3. Increase maximum power for colder climates for faster warm-up (Stage 3+). Change timings for how fast seats move from stage 3, to 2, to 1. Can be assigned differently for passengers and the driver - perfect if your significant other is always cold!


Use map data and car camera data (if available for your windshield camera) to read and display speed limit and traffic sign information directly on your dashboard. For some vehicles, this can also automatically change cruise control settings for you based on changing speed limits.


Show the exact number of liters or gallons of fuel remaining in the tank, not just the range


Enable and Disable Daytime Running Light mode from the instrument cluster. Can be easily switched on and off


For the ultimate Euro Spec enthusiast, add the Dipped Beam Control menu and the ability to switch your headlights from RH to LH drive through the Instrument cluster menu. Please Note: You may only legally drive with the US RH Mode settings, and can only use the LH mode for offroad or track use.


Automatically turns on HighBeam at night when there is no oncoming traffic or car in front of you. This is the dumbed-down version of the fully intelligent light system, but better than manual highbeams.


Show mode where you can black out the vehicle while the engine is running. Great for Audio Competitions or for being able to turn on your car at a drive-in theatre without bothering others


Enable the true full functionality of Intelligent Lighting System (ILS) headlights by enabling the left and right beams to act independently and intelligently. Using the Windshield camera as an aid, the vehicle can detect oncoming traffic, signs, and other objects and modify the light distribution in the car to fit the circumstances and provide maximum light. The system will dynamically track vehicles as they approach and blank them out with the aid of a masking system in the headlight allowing light to still show through to the left and right of vehicles but not directly at them.

Adaptive Highbeam: 84 Individual LEDS automatically de-illuminate oncoming drivers and vehicles ahead of you, allowing full HighBeam "around" them.

Traffic Sign and Puddle Recognition: Reduced glare, automatically detects and reduces light only in these areas of the road

A Truly remarkable upgrade for any driving at night.

(Car must have BOTH Intelligent Lighting System on their Headlights / Code 640 on Datacard, and Automatic Highbeam Switch (IHC) Code 608)

Demonstration: https://youtu.be/0OJjvYPV3oc?t=70



Enable full or partial brightness daytime running lights at night


Deactivate turn signals inside the headlights


Modify the number of KMs between oil changes (Typically factory set a bit too high at 15,000km) or other maintenance reminders to lengthen vehicle life


Enable one touch memory, Seats now fully move to the final position with one touch of the 1,2,3 button. No holding.


Adds a menu to your instrument cluster to be able to control the lighting delay features of your interior lights.


Adds a new mode to your menu to allow your car to handle correctly when carrying items on the roof rack including bicycles, skis, other sports equipment, or storage boxes that prevents shifting (ie. during heavy acceleration by modifying the acceleration curve), and in the event of a weight shift, the car's traction and skid prevention systems correctly calculate for a load above the car.


Adds the ability to limit the opening height of the trunk - perfect for when parking in a garage with obstructions or low ceiling height. It can be easily turned on and off from the instrument cluster.


A standard S-Class Feature - the multi-level rear lights automatically adjust to control the luminous intensity of the indicator/signal light and the brake light under different driving conditions and ambient lighting conditions day/night/twilight etc.


Enable full park assist for those import vehicles that have had them disabled, or for cars that have had the hardware retrofit


Change volume and frequency, enable guiding tones instead of only beeping on red


When this coding is enabled, the navigation will subtly show the direction to Mecca (Qibla) on the compass.


Assist with importing a vehicle by changing the region - Includes languages, units of measure, headlight, traffic sign assist, and other updates required to meet local vehicle configuration.


Enable all languages for speech recognition, voice navigation, and menus


The Command head unit is typically limited to five region changes before being locked. This service resets the remaining changes back to five so you can take advantage to and from ECE/Europe, Japan, or other regions. You will also be able to reset this setting on your own after this service.


Modify, increase, or decrease volume both at park and in motion


Enable you to connect phone to head unit using 1/8 inch stereo plug


When the car is off, and rain is detected on the windshield, the sunroof - if left open, will be closed and put into the vent position. Factory European Option.


The vehicle will now remember a new drive mode when started (M, S, S+, R, or I Mode). No more default to E / Economy.


Improve 0-60 and 60-140 times. New Selectable mode on Dash "A" that has response and power between A and S Mode. Selectable anytime. Perfect for city driving.

On Stock Engine:

E Mode 0-100 Km/Hr =   Eventually
A Mode 0-100 Km/Hr =   7.23s - Faster than S
S Mode 0-100 Km/Hr =   8.40s

E Mode 60-140 Km/Hr = 13.39s
A Mode 60-140 Km/Hr = 11.12s - Faster than E
S Mode 60-140 Km/Hr = 10.42s

Demo Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0FaLE6gaqw&t=391s


Enable Paddle Shifters and Manual mode on vehicle


Make as default when starting vehicle


Open and close with the key fob (if the motor is already present), the interior driver's door switch, and/or foot control.

If you don't have a motor - contact us and we can retrofit it!


Increase the number of flashes when quickly tapped


Extra Services

  • These items include additional hardware, materials, or one-time VIN-specific pin codes and do not qualify for unlimited coding
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Enable cameras to be used at speeds greater than 5 Km/hr


Lower / Raise / Calibrate your Airmatic suspension for a more aggressive look and performance


Available for:




X166 (Pre-Facelift and Facelift)









If your head unit has entered into the anti-theft mode, the PIN can be recovered as long as the head unit has not been declared stolen. Proof of ownership is required, and the head unit must not be declared as stolen.


All headunit models are supported


The Mercedes Brake Sensotronic Module is designed to automatically stop working after a certain amount of brake presses of the pedal. This is regardless of if the brake press was for a hard stop, an easy stop, or just a tap in traffic. When this occurs, it's time to refresh the brushes in the module which will require coding to reset the count and allow your car to drive again. If your brushes are fine, we can reset this module for you to allow you to continue using your vehicle.


Software activating CarPlay in newer vehicles where the feature is orderable but was not installed on the car at the factory. Vehicles with MB Audio 20, or Command 5.1+ Installed Only.




NTG 5.1 + Facelift: W176, W117, W246, R172, W166


S, C, AMG GT, V, X

NTG 5 / 5.2: W222, W217, W205, R190, W257 (Pre-Facelift), W447, W470


E, S, AMG GT, C (Facelift), G (Pre-Facelift)

NTG 5.5: W213 (Pre-facelift 2016-2020), W257, X290, W222 (Facelift), W463 (Facelift), W205/X253 (Facelift 2018+)


A, B,GLE, GLA,GLB, CLA (Pre-Facelift), E (Facelift)

NTG 6: W177, W118, W167, W247 (Pre-facelift 2018-Present), W213 (2020 Facelift)


Add a 10" or 12" Touchscreen that enables Wired or Wireless Apple Carplay + Android Auto. Your factory screen will be removed. (10" Shown in photo). Labor Only


Add Apple Carplay to your factory Command screen. Labor Only - Hardware Extra Depending on your vehicle type


Enable video to be played on screen for passenger use


Update to the newest official Mercedes-Benz Map. This is the same map update you would get from a dealer.


Not Available for NTG 6 and NTG 7 Headunits


Enable adaptive cruise control with stop and go


Firmware Updates and Modifications


Increase power and torque by allowing the car to create more boost, use more fuel, and shift at higher RPM


Enable or Disable for AMG Vehicles to always have a more aggressive, or more subtle sound


Like Apps on your phone - there are regular software updates for the modules in your car. These updates add stability, new features, fixes, as well as improvements. This service updates all modules in your vehicle to OFFICIAL Mercedes-Benz newest software.


Add Logo, race timer, oil and transmission temperature, boost gauges and more to dash along with AMG Styling on the main instrument cluster and/or AMG special Menu


Available for:

W204 / W212 / W218 / W207


W222 (Pre Facelift 2014-2017), W222 Facelift (2018-Present)

W213 (Pre-Facelift 2016-2020)


W63 (2018-Present)

W205 (Facelift 2018-Present)

X253 (Facelift 2018-Present)




W247 (Prefacelift 2018-Present)


W216 (pre facelift and facelift 2006-2012)






W463 (2011-2018)


R231 (Color Only)


X253 (Pre-facelift 2014-2017)


Upgrade your Command Head unit, and code, and activate full control of multi-color ambient lighting in your vehicle for a beautiful appearance when entering, exiting, and driving.

Options such as Ocean Blue, Purple Sky, Red Moon, Fire Red, animation, welcome settings and effects will be enabled.


Scan all modules on your vehicle for trouble or issues. Reset all codes (if requested). Provide a Printout of all key systems and their status.


Enable Race and Drift Mode - A45/CLA 45 (Non-S Models) Only