Lights: Enable Intelligent Headlight Control Plus (IHC+)

Original price was: $360.00.Current price is: $275.00.

Enable the true full functionality of lights, to track and follow signs, cars, and corners, enabling them to act as 86 Individual LEDS instead of just high and low beams. Left and Right lights will act independently and make visible as much of the road as possible at all times and using the camera on the windshield reduce levels for oncoming drivers and puddles. (US/CAN/Denmark Only, car must already have lighting package 640)



Enable the true full functionality of Intelligent Lighting System (ILS) headlights by enabling the left and right beams to act independently and intelligently. Using the Windshield camera as an aid, the vehicle can detect oncoming traffic, signs, and other objects and modify the light distribution in the car to fit the circumstances and provide maximum light. The system will dynamically track vehicles as they approach and blank them out with the aid of a masking system in the headlight allowing light to still show through to the left and right of vehicles but not directly at them.

Adaptive Highbeam: 84 Individual LEDS automatically de-illuminate oncoming drivers and vehicles ahead of you, allowing full HighBeam “around” them.

Traffic Sign and Puddle Recognition: Reduced glare, automatically detects and reduces light only in these areas of the road

A Truly remarkable upgrade for any driving at night.

(Car must have BOTH Intelligent Lighting System on their Headlights / Code 640 on Datacard, and Automatic Highbeam Switch (IHC) Code 608)




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