Software activating CarPlay in newer vehicles where the feature is orderable but was not installed on the car at the factory. Vehicles with MB Audio 20, or Command 5.1+ Installed Only.

Note: Your car may require a full software update on the head unit and reprogramming to enable this feature. In this event, there will be an additional $200 charge to complete this upgrade.




NTG 5.1 + Facelift: W176, W117, W246, R172, W166


S, C, AMG GT, V, X

NTG 5 / 5.2: W222, W217, W205, R190, W257 (Pre-Facelift), W447, W470

NTG 5.2 – See Below


E, S, AMG GT, C (Facelift), G (Pre-Facelift)

NTG 5.5: W213 (Pre-facelift 2016-2020), W257, X290, W222 (Facelift), W463 (Facelift), W205/X253 (Facelift 2018+)

NTG 5.1: W212 2016+


A, B,GLE, GLA,GLB, CLA (Pre-Facelift), E (Facelift)

NTG 6: W177, W118, W167, W247 (Pre-facelift 2018-Present), W213 (2020 Facelift)


Supported models with COMMAND AND AUDIO 20 NTG5s1 head unit:

A-Class W176 produced 12.2015+
B-Class W246 produced 12.2015+
CLA-Class W117 produced 12.2015+
CLS-Class C218 produced 07.2014+ (COMAND only SA531)
E-Class W212/C207 produced 03.2015+ (COMAND only SA531)
GLA-Class W156 produced 12.2015+
GLE-Class W166 produced 01.2016+
GLE-Coupe W292 produced 01.2016+
GLS-Class X166 produced 01.2016+

C/GLC/E/CLS Series NTG5.2

Supported Models:

C-Class W205 production 09.2017-06.2018 (SA154 Datacard code necessary)

C-Class W205 Facelist production 07.2018+ (SA506 Datacard code necessary)

GLC-Class X253 production 09.2017+ (SA154 Datacard code necessary)

E-Class W213 production 07.2018+ (SA506 Datacard code necessary)

E-Class W238 production 07.2018+ (SA506 Datacard code necessary)

CLS-Class W257 (SA506 Datacard code necessary)


SA531 COMAND Online (HU5) is not supported.